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Over one hundred and twenty years ago in 1881, George Stiebel laid the foundation for the magnificent Devon House after amassing his wealth from gold mining in Venezuela. Today, Devon House is one of the most prominent architectural monuments in Jamaica. As a prime heritage site, Devon House is the ultimate location in the city to host a variety of events.

Could you ask for a more perfect ambience in such a central location? Surround your event with 19th century Jamaican charm!

Venues for Rental:
Devonshire: This facility which comfortably accommodates 250 persons for dining offers escape for those seeking privacy, however, there is a hint of nature from the small garden setting which acts as a centre piece for the venue. The indoor facility is further enhanced with a pond, which surrounds the garden area. The venue is ideal for Weddings, Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, and various meetings. There are distinct spaces that can be efficiently utilized for bars and a food court.
Devonshire Rooms
Lindo Room – the smallest room with a square ft of 459.63. The room holds 25-30 people theatre style and about 15-20 in a dinner setting.


Melhado Room – Square ft of 775.21 the room holds 50 - 60 people theatre style and about 35-45 in a dinner setting.


Stiebel – Square foot – 937.95, the room holds up to 110 theater style and 65-75 in a dinners setting.

Please call our Marketing and Events Manager (9260815/9296602) to further discuss how we can help to make your event a reality.

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