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Port Royal Walking Tour: In 1936 the Palisadoes was constructed to provide road access between Port Royal and Kingston. The drive along the ‘Palisadoes Strip’ provides visitors with views of the hills surrounding Eastern Kingston, the Kingston Harbour, and the metropolis of Downtown Kingston. A naval cemetery is the first historical landmark that comes in view, and here the visitor begins the 1 mile excursion to Jamaica’s old capital.

Naval Cemetery
Fort Charles
The “Giddy” House and the Victoria and Albert Battery
The Parade Ground
Monument of an Old Ship’s Mast
The Royal Engineer’s Arch
The Post Office
St. Peters Anglican Church
Old Gaol
Old Naval Hospital
Anglers Club
Morgan’s Harbour Hotel
Fort Rupert Plaque

The Old Naval Hospital was constructed in 1819 to replace an earlier building which was destroyed by fire in 1815. The iron framework is one of the first examples of prefabricated cast iron in this hemisphere.
For further details about Jamaica’s declared national monuments and sites visit the Jamaica National Heritage Trust’s Website or the Jamaica Tourist Board’s website
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