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Jamaica’s capital city Kingston has long established itself as the hub of the Caribbean, being the largest English speaking city in the region. It is known globally as a centre of finance and commerce, as well as a cultural Mecca and gem of the West Indies. The city is home to a rich array of historical and natural sites, with colorful complementary stories about Jamaica’s past. Kingston offers a true alternative to the tourism product of “sun, sea and sand” which has dominated the Jamaican and Caribbean tourism product for decades.

Three centuries ago the parish of Kingston was born during what many today may describe as one of the most prosperous periods in Jamaican history, if only for the fact that the tiny town was considered the ‘great port of the Caribbean.’ Ranked as having the 7th largest harbour in the world, 18th century Kingston was viewed as a treasure with its natural harbour and impressive defense capabilities provided by the many forts within the parish. If Kingston’s birth was remarkable, its growth was phenomenal. The parish quickly distinguished itself as the leading commercial centre in Jamaica being the busiest port of call, and by the start of the 19th century, Kingston had gained recognition as a city, and was later named capital of Jamaica. Amidst several catastrophic events, including earthquakes and devastating fires, the city repeatedly rose from its demises, and today Jamaicans and the world can celebrate the legacy of this vibrant urban centre.

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