Restoration Programme 2008


The Devon House Development Limited was started in 2002 to oversee the redevelopment of the Devon House property - a designated national monument since September 1990. The Ministry of Tourism as part of its efforts to ensure that Devon House remains a signature attraction for Kingston, has in 2008, approved contracts totaling $60,000 million for the re-development of this premiere heritage site.

Devon House underwent its first restoration in the 1960’s under the supervision of Tom Concannon assisted by Raymond McIntyre. In 1974, the Mansion was refurbished for the second time in the Victorian style. The interior was refurbished by Mr. Sergio Dello Strologo and Mr. Raymond McIntyre undertook the task of restoring the Mansion from a gallery to a private dwelling. During this time the crystal chandelier in the ballroom dating from George Stiebel’s time was found broken in two parts. It was restored by John Thompson, an engineer working with APEC Consultants. The restoration of the antique furniture located for the house was done by Mr. Robin Morris. In 1984, the Mansion was opened to the public.

With previous re-development programmes undertaken in 1969, 1982, and 1987 and now in 2008, the former glory of this national landmark is of primary importance. In 2006-7 work was conducted on a new garbage house, the Devonshire (which now has three multifunctional rooms), the driveway and the parking areas. APEC Consultants has overall responsibility for the redevelopment of the site. Those involved in this restoration process are:

Stoppi Carney Bromfield – Quantity Surveyor
Tropical Foliage - Landscapers


Re Development Work:

Extensive repairs were carried out to the historic mansion as serious rotting was taking place throughout the Mansion’s wooden frame. The roof will be re shingled and the exterior of the Mansion repainted. The Wedgewood ceiling in the ballroom is also to be restored. Work was previously conducted on the east veranda and later continued on the west verandah and entrance area. The Mansion’s furnishings have also been re upholstered and restored where necessary.

Landscaping was upgraded on the entire property. The East Lawn was replanted to ensure colorful cover, particularly for the hosting of functions. The irrigation system has also received a complete over haul.

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