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Over the next ten years George Stiebel lived happily at Devon House with his wife Magdalene, and surrounded by his grandchildren. The Stiebels also did an impressive job of holding lavish parties for friends and family. It was not surprising then that they employed a large staff which reportedly included four gardeners, two house maids, a butler, cook, laundress, grooms and coachman. Servants' Quarters were located in the space now used as the property’s commercial complex. Sadness again befell Devon House when Stiebel’s wife Magdalene died in October 1892. Magdalene was buried at the St. Andrew Parish Cemetery under a grey granite tombstone with a white marble cross-wreathed in white marble flowers. It is said that at the time Stiebel imported enough grey granite from Scotland to bury his entire family. Tragedy continued to mark the Stiebel family. In 1895 his grandson Douglas died of typhoid, and only a week later his son in law Richard Hill Jackson (who served as Mayor of Kingston) passed away.

George Stiebel died in 1896 at age 75. Stiebel’s generous spirit lived on even after his death, as he ensured that his family was well taken care of. His daughter for example was granted an annual annuity of three thousand pounds, and she was assured a permanent place at Devon House while she was alive. A total of ten thousand pounds was to be allotted to each of his grandchildren once they turned 21. The Stiebel- Jacksons occupied Devon House until 1922 following the death of Theresa Stiebel- Jackson.

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