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Minard Estate in Brown’s Town St. Ann served as a vacation home for the Stiebel family.

He built a lavish home at Minard, which became the family’s favourite vacation getaway. In 1881 he commissioned the services of contractor Charles P. Lazarus to build the magnificent Devon House. The house boasted a library, gaming room, ballroom, sitting rooms, a sewing room, dining room, and bedrooms. The kitchen (now occupied by the Brick Oven) was located towards the back away from the House. In addition to investing in property in Jamaica, Stiebel was a philanthropist, assisting the poor and disadvantaged, as well as exhibiting continuous interest in the socio-economic state of the country. Several civic authorities and local groups invited Stiebel to sit on their Boards including the Jamaica Permanent Benefit Society, the Jamaica Co-operative Fruit Insurance Company, the Board of Education and the Kingston and St. Andrew Union Poorhouse. Stiebel’s most noted civic duty came when he was named a Justice of the Peace (JP) and later Custos of St. Andrew. It was during his tenure as Custos that the Great Exhibition of 1891 was staged in Kingston. The Exhibition, which sought to introduce tourism to the island, required extensive financing which the government was unable to undertake. Stiebel was among a small group of entrepreneurs who loaned the Government funds to stage the exhibition. In recognition of his services in the interest of the island, Her Majesty the Queen bestowed on Stiebel the honour of Companion of the Most Distinguished Order (C.M.G.).

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