Norma's on the Terrace partner nominated for business leader of the year award 2006

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Norma's on the Terrace partner nominated for business leader of the year award 2006
Mr.Ian Levy (right) in conversation with waiters Ricardo Gohagen (left) and Omar Waite of Norma's On the Terrace
Photo courtesy of the Jamaica Observer
Mr. Ian Levy, Chairman of Ian K. Agencies Ltd and partner in Norma’s on the Terrace has been nominated for the prestigious Jamaica Observer Business Leader of the Year for 2006. He is involved in a 50/50 partnership with famed restaurateur Norma Shirley. Together they own Norma’s on the Terrace one of Jamaica’s leading gourmet restaurants. His involvement in this venture has helped to propel his nomination for this award and he says he is proud of the performance of the restaurant. Norma’s on the Terrace is located on the verandah of one of Kingston’s more popular spots and a leading tourist destination, Devon House Heritage Site. This restaurant has received the "Best Restaurant" award at the Jamaica Observer's annual "Table Talk" awards in 2001 and 2004. Norma Shirley who is often described as the Grand Dame of Caribbean Cuisine has also received the Observer Chairman’s Award in 2002 and the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for Service to Jamaica in 2003. Also, Norma’s was named by the world renowned Conde Nast Traveler as one of the 60 best new restaurants in the world in May 2000.
Through Mr. Levy’s own company, Ian K Agencies Limited, he has provided the government with well needed products for the smooth running of the country. These include Renault garbage trucks and more recently the automatic palm and finger identification system to be used by the Jamaica Constabulary Force. He is especially excited about this project as he believes that the system will go a far way in helping to solve more of our criminal cases. Jamaica could also provide these services to other countries in the region and become the “Interpol” of the Caribbean.
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