New one way system streamlines traffic flow at Devon House

Devon House has taken definitive steps to control the flow of traffic on the property as patronage increases at the 124- year old heritage site. A new one way system, which was introduced in October, allows patron access via Waterloo road and exit by way of Kingsway Avenue. The Hope Road Main entrance is now closed to vehicular traffic except in emergency situations. A ticketing system is also in place to assist in safeguarding vehicles parked on the property.

With the introduction of the one way system, a re-design of the main car park is being undertaken with the kind support of the Grog Shoppe. Already several lights have been installed at the back of the property, and additional car spaces created. The project is slated for completion in 2005 and will also include the upgrading of the driveway to the back of the property, the erection of a guardhouse, installation of a backgate, and additional lighting for the Kingsway Exit.

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