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Interview with former Prime Minister Most Hon. Edward Seaga

Hon Edward Seaga’s love for Jamaica’s cultural heritage is etched in every corner of this meeting room in his New Kingston Office. Here he points to a few antiques and art pieces. Following her interview with Mr. Seaga, Janice Lindsay of Devon House shares a photographic moment with the Opposition Leader.

The following is an abbreviated interview conducted by Inside Devon House (IDH) on Thursday May 6, 2004 with Opposition Leader Rt. Hon Edward Seaga regarding his involvement with the early development of Devon House.

IDH: When you first realized the danger of losing this exceptional architectural landmark remind us of your initial reaction?

Seaga: It came to my attention that an American along with some Jamaican partners wanted to buy Devon House and demolish it to build a condominium structure like Abbey Court. That’s when I stepped in and said this definitely cannot happen, so I put a preservation order on it and it was confirmed. Now the question is, what do you do with it. You can’t just leave it there. So I developed the idea of using it as a showplace, and the logical thing was a showplace for Jamaican art, craft and culture. The plan developed over the next couple years or so until we opened it in 1967. Another conversion was done to enable us to use existing quarters, but we also added on certain things.

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