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Immaculate Orchestra woos Devon House Patrons

The soothing and mellow sounds of Jamaica’s largest secondary school ensemble, the Immaculate Conception High School Orchestra mesmerized patrons who turned out for the group’s inaugural one-hour performance on the East Lawn of Devon House Heritage Site on Saturday February 18, 2006.
The sixty-five strong orchestra led by Director Steven Woodham delivered a riveting performance with solo and group presentations ranging from contemporary to traditional classical pieces including “The Pink Panther”, “Over the Rainbow” and an impressive interpretation of the theme from Spider Man. The professionalism and discipline of the young group was evident as they provided the audience with uninterrupted performance which included a package of close to twenty classical pieces. Elaina Chai’s Cello Solo earned her a standing ovation from the audience, and it was a satisfied group that got to its feet at the climax of the show, with curtain raising performances of Jamaican Gems and ICHS Wind Ensemble and the Russian Sailor’s Dance.
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