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Quick Facts…

• The climate is tropical with high temperatures on the coast, with slightly cooler and less humid conditions in the highlands. Our natural habitat provides a blend of interesting and unique features that sets Jamaica apart as a one of kind destination particularly among nature lovers. For example the island is home to some 27 species of birds that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

• Jamaica is known worldwide for the vibrancy of our rich and diverse culture. Our music has placed us on the world map, and many equate the Jamaican experience with Reggae Music made popular by internationally acclaimed reggae artist Robert Nesta Marley. We are indeed proud to be the originators of a music form that has revolutionized the music fraternity. Additionally we have made our mark in theatre and the arts, and of course who can forget the Jamaican cuisine. Our food will definitely leave an impression on any palette, with our spicy national dish ackee and salt-fish and other outstanding foods such as jerk chicken, jerk pork, roast yam, bammy and more!!

Fish and Bammy, is a delightful dish among Jamaicans, however our national dish, ackee and saltfish is an all time favourite for both locals and overseas visitors.
Planning an exciting getaway? No need to look very far. We are only a heartbeat away…make Jamaica your perfect escape. It will be worth the time, bearing in mind of course that we don’t make promises, we fulfill them……

For detailed information as well as help in planning the ultimate Jamaican vacation, visit the Jamaica Tourist Board website

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