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• Jamaica is an island located 93 miles south of Cuba, with a total land area of 4442 square miles, and running for 146 miles. Jamaica is an English speaking island (the largest English Speaking country in the Caribbean), however, our official dialect is Jamaican Patois. It is Interesting to note that Jamaican Patois is recognized in some parts of the world including England where persons can enroll for patois courses in select colleges.

• The capital of Jamaica is Kingston. Montego Bay located in the western end of the island is Jamaica’s second capital city. The current population of Jamaica is 2. 63 million. (Of this figure 656,500 Jamaicans reside in the Kingston Metropolitan Region). Kingston boasts the seventh largest natural harbour in the world.

• Jamaica gained its independence from Britain in August, 1962, but remains a part of the British Commonwealth. The Government of Jamaica is developed on the Westminster model of government, and is composed of the Queen as Head of State, and a bicameral Parliament. The Governor General (presently His Excellency Sir Howard Cooke) acts as the Queen’s representative.

• Jamaica’s tourist resort towns are Kingston, Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, and Montego Bay. Tourism is therefore one of the chief foreign exchange earners for the country’s economy. Mining, Agriculture and Manufacturing are also principal to the mainstay of the economy.

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