Mission Statement: “Devon House is a Heritage Site which will actively promote the development of authentic Jamaican art, craft, education and entertainment in a comfortable, clean and safe environment.”

The Devon House Heritage Site is owned by the Government of Jamaica, and falls directly under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism. The property is currently managed by The Devon House Development Limited, which became operational in February 2002 to oversee the re-development of Devon House, and manage its promotion and maintenance as the premier cultural attraction in the capital city.

In order to fulfill its mission statement, it is imperative that Devon House be maintained as a clean and attractive green space in the urban landscape providing a secure recreational, shopping and dining area for its patrons. Its role in national development is being expanded by educating the public about the historical relevance of Devon House and positioning the property as a centre for all types of cultural activity as well as an attraction for Jamaicans and tourists to the island.

The Government of Jamaica in displaying its committment to the redevelopment of this national monument, has, over the years made a radical investment in the site, and presented it to local and overseas visitors as the ideal shopping venue.

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